Hydrangeas are popular plants known for their beauty and southern charm!  There are several different types of hydrangea plants, but our favorite is the Endless Summer Hydrangea.  Here are some reasons why we love this plant so much:

  • Most hydrangeas bloom only once, and then they’re done.  But, the Endless Summer Hydrangea blooms all summer long!
  • These easy-to-maintain plants require no pruning!  Since they bloom on previous years’ growth AND the new season’s growth, you can leave them all winter long to achieve double the blooms next spring.  Whoohoo!


  • Say goodbye to those pesky brown and wilted blooms, because Endless Summer Hydrangeas are disease resistant plants!  No need to waste money on those toxic plant sprays!
  • These easy-going blooms are transplantable!  Just make sure to transplant your shrubs in late fall, after the first frost, or in early spring before it has woken up for the summer.

Come on over to Digger Odell and pick up a few of our Endless Summer Hydrangeas!  We’ll have your garden happy all summer long!

Happy Planting!

–Digger Odell