A common misconception about planting is that it shouldn’t be done in the fall and winter months.  Plants are not people– they don’t mind a little cold weather, and long as it’s not extreme.  Actually, the best time to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees is in the fall and winter months because the plants are dormant.

This concept may sound unusual, but let us explain– when you plant in the colder months, during the plant’s natural state of activity, it allows the plant more time to establish its root system.  Whereas, if you plant in April or May, when everyone usually does, the time for acclimation is much less than those planted in the winter or fall.



It takes at least 5-8 weeks for a plant to have sufficient to have good root establishment.  So when the weather is hot by the end of May and the recently planted items have not had the time to have an established root system, it causes stress to the plant.

In addition, planting during the fall and winter months, gives all gardeners an opportunity to get outside, get some fresh, crisp air and play in the dirt for a little while.  So just remember– the optimal planting time is September to February.  Just because the plants are dormant doesn’t mean you should be dormant too!  🙂

Happy Planting!

–Digger O’Dell Team