"You should see this place!"

Digger O’Dell started working in a greenhouse at the age of 13 in Missouri. This after school job continued through high school and after spending nearly 4 years in the U. S. Military Digger again got a job working at a nursery in Memphis. Digger started his own nursery business in December 1969 in Memphis and ten years later moved to the present location at 11034 Highway 64, just 4 miles outside of what was the Memphis city limits. The population of Memphis has now spread into surrounding counties and the 33 acres of farm land where the nursery is located is easy to get to from many directions and for thousands of customers.

Digger O’Dell Nursery grows well over 500 varieties of trees, shrubs, perennial and annuals. Nine large greenhouses gives room to grow thousands of choice annuals each year and a specially designed greenhouse to grow 1000 hanging baskets offers some very special plants. Digger O’Dell Nursery immediately became known for having some choice woodland wildflowers each spring and many of these were never before offered to the public in the Memphis area. Several thousand perfectly grown Hosta are available throughout the year and with 200 or more varieties of Hosta surely each customer will find the perfect Hosta for their gardens. Thousands of beautiful perennials are strong, healthy, well cared for and are just waiting for you to select the best in the bunch. We also have several large poly covered houses to protect our hardy trees and shrubs during the winter time and to make it as convenient as possible for you to shop during less than perfect weather. We offer thousands of choice Azaleas, Hollies, Junipers, and other container grown plants for you to use in your landscapes. You should see this place!